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BY TELEPHONE TO:   734-434-2500

1.  It should be said that tracking a leak is rarely as simple as spotting a large, obvious hole in a roof.  In fact, a leak may involve a myriad of non-conclusive factors.  Generally, the smaller the leak, the more difficult it is to find.  Approximately twenty percent (20%) of our service calls are non-roofing related (i.e. windowsills, HVAC units, plumbing pipes, etc).  If your company is able, it would be prudent to troubleshoot the situation prior to reporting the leak to our company.

2.  Corporate Roofing Company will obey the following policies:

    • CRC personnel are trained to be cooperative with building tenants without divulging sensitive information such as personal opinions on the overall roof condition.
    • Our goal is to reach equilibrium between finding the leaks in the least amount of time, and achieving a leak-free result.
    • On roof systems that cannot be simply repaired, an estimator will contact your company for the purpose of discussing an appropriate game plan.
    • Any third party damage to the roof will be reported promptly to your company.
    • A written response will be forwarded to your company if CRC believes the problem is unrelated to the roof.

On-line Leak Reporting Form Click Here

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